Monthly Archives: September 2020

  1. Tales of an Ocean | Reducing Packaging Waste

    The story of our oceans is not one that is told with reassurance or a smile, but rather with a tone of ambivalence. Decades ago, our oceans flourished with marine life, and brought hope for what may be the future. The depressing reality of this story is that we as a population have neglected this beauty gifted to us. What was once a promising addition to our earth is now landfill that we have created. However, we can still work towards preserving our oceans and saving the lives within it. By improving source reduction and encouraging eco-friendly alternatives, we may be able to revive the life of our oceans before it is too late.

    The amount of packaging waste dispelled from land and into the sea has increased drastically over the last few decades. Despite what some may believe, there are several alternatives that will aid in the preservation of our oceans. These alternatives are simple modifications that can be made to your routine lifestyle. One of the ways you can minimize

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  2. Going Green | Reducing Plastic Packaging Waste

    Companies like Amazon, PepsiCo, Coca-Cola, and Nestle need to invest in green packaging alternatives for their products. The negative environmental impacts that plastic pollution has caused globally are too hard to dismiss. Plastic pollution affects the human population, animals’ species, and natural ecosystems. Although plastic is lightweight, resistant, and inexpensive, it takes many years to degrade, resulting in leaching our water resources, and posing of a hazard to many animal species.

    Recycling alone is not a solution, as throughout the year’s plastic pollution continues to increase in our landfills. As this plastic sits it slowly degrades, resulting in leaching of our water resources. Studies have shown that many of these chemicals end up in our water supply or in the food we consume. A study done by researchers at Harvard School of Public Health found that even before plastic ends up in landfills, plastic storage containers can affect our health even before ending up

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  3. Enabling a Bridge Between the Beneficial and Detrimental Qualities of Our Use of Plastics

    “To be easily shaped and molded,” is not only an adjective but an attitude we will need to adopt to perpetuate our love affair with plastics in our modern world. Indisputably, it is difficult to imagine human society without the use of plastics in our everyday lives. Plastics are ubiquitous in providing safety, housing, transportation, and multitudinous other uses for our society. Yet, even though plastics have been a boost for our world, it has also created a few challenges. The very nature of plastics with their beneficial ability to weather many adverse conditions, and last a long time, has created subsequent environmental problems. The beneficial characteristics of plastics are equally their downfall; their ability to withstand so many factors and not deteriorate means that unless recycled and reused, then they will build up in our environment, our landfills, and our oceans. I, personally, am enamored with plastic products in my modern life but I also enjoy very much a non-polluted Ear

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