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  1. What Makes Recycling Programs Successful

    It is no secret that recycling has many benefits over throwing used material in  the trash. It provides a great way to conserve finite natural resources. Repurposing  materials such as paper, glass, and plastic also reduces the amount of carbon dioxide  released into the environment, slowing climate change (EPA, 2016). I’m sure that  nothing I have said so far is new knowledge to you. While most people have good  intentions when they recycle, they don’t realize that it may be ineffective. While  recycling programs do reduce some waste, many recyclable materials still end up in  landfills reducing the success of a program.

    A recycling program can only be successful if people are willing to recycle. The  EPA estimates that only 25.7% of recyclable materials, end up being recycled (EPA,  2016). This means that most recyclable materials still end up in landfills, rather than  recycling plants. One study found that the two main reasons why people choose not to  recycle were either du

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  2. The Future of Sustainable Packaging | Eco-Friendly Packaging

    There is no question that packaging waste has a detrimental effect on the environment. Every year millions of tons of plastic waste is thrown away and ends up in places such as the ocean. An estimated 91% of plastic isn’t recycled, according to National Geographic. In order to combat this problem, developments have been made in sustainable packaging. Currently the most popular solutions have been to replace plastics with bio plastics and paper, as well as designing packaging to be reused. There have also been more creative developments that involve the use of material such as biodegradable wheat straw. While these methods have led to a decrease in plastic waste, I believe that the most efficient solution, and therefore the future of sustainable packaging, involves a combination of said methods. Companies could create packaging out of the environmentally friendly packaging mentioned above, however, they could design these packages to be durable and reused. That way once the customer receives t

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  3. What We Owe Them | Eco-Friendly Packaging

    We were all six years old once. Just beginning to cusp the wonders of earth and experience it for ourselves. We delighted in those wonderful methods: touch, taste, smell, sight, and sound. Do you remember the first time you saw a spider-web? The intricate angles gleaming in the sun, reflecting blue shards of light like a shattered mirror. The way it swayed gently with the wind, but never broke, always hooked tightly upon some wooden gate or fence, stubborn. To a child, it is a miracle. It is the peak of imagination wound tightly in small triangles and pentagons, a school lesson come to life. Do we not owe it to the unborn to give them this? A life full of wonder and magnificence derived from the phenomenon of nature? As those grown children, who remember those first feelings of awe, we have a duty to protect it. The culprits of environmental destruction present themselves in the small as much as they do the big. This is why we start here: with a step towards sustainability. Eco-friendly

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  4. Educating to Reduce Plastic Packaging Waste in Our Oceans

    When I think about how to reduce packaging waste in the world’s oceans, I think about what it takes to be a change maker in my generation. To me it is clear that education is the key to creating change. My generation is faced with a world in crisis that no other generation before us has faced. Global climate change threatens to end the world as we know it if we do not take swift and extreme action.

    As part of how I care for our planet and common home, I am conscientious about specific individual steps I can take: I am careful to limit my use of disposable plastics and conserve energy and water whenever possible. From recycling and reuse principles to educating our neighborhood association about the dangers of commercial fertilizers to our waterways, I endeavor to make small steps at sustainability of our planet. My actions as an individual is a small step in the process to help save our environment, but it is far from enough. I need to influence those around me to lead change; I

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  5. Consumer Item Packaging Made Green

    Scientists predict that we have only 12 years to make environmental changes until the earth reaches a point of no return. Environmental protection has been a hot topic for quite awhile now, but if this is the case then why has no real change been made? Having supported their opinions with facts, scientists have stated their warnings multiple times, yet we still continue to practice activities that are harming the environment. Each year humans produce 300 million tons of plastic waste, of which only 8.4%is recycled. So where does the remaining 250 million tons end up? Unfortunately the only other options are landfills, where it will sit for 1000 years until it decomposes, or in the ocean, adding on to the already huge trash pile. A majority of this trash comes from consumer items, and society needs to invest in alternative options that can be created affordably and made widely available.

    Several companies have already discovered ways to package everyday consumer items in a more

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  6. Going Green – Why Should More Companies Adopt Environmentally Friendly Packaging? | Reducing Packaging Waste

    Around the globe, many companies and countries are dependent upon shipping of consumer products. This requires various types and amounts of packaging, therefore creating a significant carbon footprint here on Earth. We only have one Earth which we should protect for our safety as well as land animals and marine life. With environmentally friendly packaging comes reduced waste in our waters and cleaner air for the animals, for us and for the generations that follow.

    Many packaging companies use plastic in order to protect items that are shipped from one location to another, which usually ends up in the oceans, forgotten by humanity. However, the victims of these actions are the sea life that must endure these consequences. "The ocean is full of waste because humans have disposed of it carelessly," said Professor Holmes. ( Unfortunately, this increase in plastic has resulted in a decrease of marine life by putting various species in danger. For instance, many sea turtles

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  7. Future of Sustainable Packaging

    In the 21st century, GDP growth has come from less developed markets, as more consumers move to urban locations and subsequently adopting westernized lifestyles. This growth has boosted a demand for packaged goods, which worldwide has been accelerated by the e-commerce industry. The global population will expand, and especially in key emerging markets, like China and India, the rate of urbanization will continue to grow. Therefore this growth translates into increase consumer incomes for spending on consumer goods, eventually increase in packaged goods. Further, the rise in the number of single-person households leads to pushing demand for products packaged in smaller portion sizes. Therefore the plastic waste, and as a high-volume, single-use item plastic packaging, has come under particular scrutiny.

    Let us explore the future of sustainable packaging on each of the Three R’s- Reduce, Reuse, Recycle of Waste Hierarchy:

    1. Reduce: Of all the things in environment p

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  8. Why Should More Companies Adopt Environmentally Friendly Packaging? | Reducing Plastic Packaging

    b. My favorite season is winter. I live in Arizona so I think being surrounded by constant heat is something from which I should take a break once in a while. Although I am not accustomed to extreme cold, such as below-zero temperatures, I find an immense appreciation for the aspects that come with the amazing season, including falling snow and longer nights. I still remember being in fourth grade and the outside temperature plummeted to sixteen degrees, the coldest temperature I had ever experienced in my entire life. Still in my youth, I was quite reluctant to adjust with the sudden change in the Arizona climate. I wanted to be as warm as possible. What I did not realize then that I do now is the splendor that surrounds the cold. The cold gives us the opportunity to look up to the stars for longer periods of time during the night, to spend more hours with family and friends, and to reflect on the year soon to be concluded. Now, a senior in high school, embarking on my next journey, “College”, win

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  9. Reducing Packaging Waste in Our World’s Oceans | The Damage of Plastic Packaging Waste

    Ever since I can remember, the ocean has held a huge place in my heart. Being a surfer and lover of nature, the ocean is my safe place. It is a sanctuary of happiness and tranquility. To some it can heal and soothe pain. It holds an important role in our ecosystem and is the lifeblood of our planet. Sadly, I have seen more plastic and other trash piling up in our seas than ever before. I was shocked and outraged to find that at least 88 percent of our ocean surface is polluted with waste. Part of the huge issue of this enormous amount of waste is that it is mostly made up of plastic. Plastic makes up most of our packaging today and takes years and years to break down. Because it takes so long to break down, it stays in the ocean and continues to build up, trapping and killing animals and damaging the ecosystem. Looking at the statistics made me feel hopeless. Could our ocean ever recover from this? Is there any type of solution to reduce the amount of waste in our seas? If we want to save

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  10. Going Earthly | Plastic Packaging Recycling

    Earth has been filled with plastic and waste since they were invented. Today’s world overuses plastic to the worst extent. It is hard to go anywhere and not see plastic. Even though recycling is an efficient way to limit waste, I don’t think many people recycle nor knows the right way to do so. I’ve met a few people who have never recycled until meeting me. If there was never an impact like that on someone’s life, most thing would still be going straight into the trash and not even given the opportunity for recycling. I also believe that most people stay away from recycled thing because they feel as if its ‘dirty.’ There are many people who need to be educated on all of these items and its purpose, or origin. This would help reduce waste. I believe that there are more efficient ways to send and store items. Biodegradable packaging can be made from various plants. Biodegradable storage containers/ packaging come in handy and may be the easiest way to get around people that are not as educ

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