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  1. Going Green – Why Should More Companies Adopt Environmentally Friendly Packaging

    As the global temperature increases, the eco-friendly packaging of companies is crucial in our modern-day society. As our population increases, the rate of consumerism goes up. This rising consumerism is causing companies to produce more packages. Everywhere we go, we see packages of many food companies. However, only a part of them is thrown in the trash can. The rest are thrown away in the streets. As a person residing in LA for 8 years, I have been noticing a significant amount of trash built up in the streets as time passed. Along with the concern for sanitation, the issue of climate change rises. Now, as climate change and consumerism become a significant global issue, companies must think of ways to produce eco-friendly packages that will hold their products. There are multiple benefits that come with environmentally friendly packaging.

    First, to address how it would ultimately benefit the company, these types of changes make great marketing; the trend lately is eco-friendly

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  2. Out of Sight, Out of Mind | Recycling & Environmentally Friendly Packaging

    The American version of recycling is drastically inferior to methods used in other nations. Americans see recycling as a catch-all area that includes paper, plastic, glass, cardboard, and more. In reality these materials have to be separated upon arrival at a processing facility in order for each material to be repurposed individually. When items like pizza boxes are unfortunately placed in recycling they slow down the sorting process and sometimes ruin entire batches of recycled materials. In order to fix recycling Americans must pre-sort recycled materials and local government must stop subsidizing waste disposal.

    The generic blue bin is used for all forms of recycling. People insert items into these bins that aren’t recyclable such as bottle caps, Styrofoam, and plastic bags. Other countries often have multiple types of recycling bins for different materials. Because Americans aren’t aware of what exactly belongs in the blue bin, they tend to insert whatever they think bel

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  3. The Plastics of Packaging | Green & Environmentally Friendly Packaging

    The environment is something that has been important to me for a while now. With climate change becoming such a big part of both our lives now and our lives in the future, it is more important now than ever to take action and start doing something to combat this deadly problem. For me, one of the things that we can do to start moving in this direction of making less garbage and limiting the massive amount of one time use products that we use. Something that falls under this category is packaging, which is something that most of us use very often in our lives. Companies such as Amazon ship millions of packages a day, and while they often use cardboard packaging, there are other companies who don’t. According to CBS News, companies such as Coca-Cola, Nestle, Mars, and Danone produce a total of 6 million metric tons of plastic every year. Coca-Cola on it’s own is responsible for half of this. It is important to keep in mind though that this is only four of the millions (perhaps even billions) of

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  4. Going Green – Why Should More Companies Adopt Environmentally Friendly Packaging?

    We live on a wonderful planet called Earth. This planet, over billions of years, has changed to allow complex forms of life to develop and live fully. Due to the changes over time, again, billions of years, many complicated life forms exist today and there is a huge range of biodiversity on our planet. As time continues to press on, the planet continues to change.

    Humans are one of the complicated life forms that are now able to survive due to the changes this planet has made. We are able to track past changes and even predict future changes that include multiple variables. Based on current predictions, our planet does not have much longer. And the biggest factor affecting that is humans. WE are the reason our planet is being destroyed and WE can fix it. WE can reverse the massively negative impact humans have had on the planet if we all work together to be AWARE of the effects of our actions.

    I believe that companies are the biggest group of people who produce maximum

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  5. Why Eco-Friendly Packaging Works | Green Packaging

    According to a Gallup poll conducted in 2019, 66% of Americans thought that instead of natural environmental changes, global warming was the result of pollution caused by human activities. These pollutants consist of particles in the air that is harmful not only to land and water, but to the health of all living things. Improper disposal of waste is one of the primary sources of pollution that has caused global warming. When waste becomes contaminated, it produces greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide, water vapor, and methane, which absorbs radiation and produces heat. This, in turn, along with the sun, warms our planet’s surface to a temperature well-above what it should be.

    What can companies do to reduce pollutants to help sustain the earth for future generations? Some companies have started using more environmentally friendly or Eco-friendly packaging. By adopting this process, it helps to reduce toxins and allergens released into the atmosphere due to the use of recycled w

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  6. Habits Hurt the Ocean | Green Packaging Materials

    Our oceans are crucial to us. They provide over half of the oxygen we breath and controls the climate and weather change. It’s also home to numerous wildlife that we desire to keep active for all future generations to discover more about. Unfortunately, the ocean and its wildlife cannot continue to strive with the waste that is pushed into the ocean. With habit changes between everyone, we can aid the ocean back to recovery from the damage we caused.

    The largest victim of hurting ocean wildlife is plastic. Plastic is used by all of us multiple times everyday and just get tossed out immediately after one use. For instance, all of the items we shop for are held by plastic bags used to aid in the process of bringing the items home. There are about one-trillion single-use plastic bags that are used all across the globe as well as 500 million plastic straws being thrown out each day. Rather than using plastic bags, we can all choose to use reusable bags or even paper bags. We c

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  7. Plastic is Destroying the Earth | Sustainable Packaging Materials

    Plastic has been affecting the earth and ocean for years now. The time has finally come where a major change needs to occur because human actions are catching up to them. So many new discoveries have been found about plastic and the obstacles have doubled. Millions of animals have and will die, the ocean is getting polluted to almost be at the point of no return, if no one steps in and actually makes an action, we will have destroyed our planet and have nowhere else to go.

    The original meaning of the word plastic meant a material that was both “pliable and easily shaped.” Plastics recently became a subset of the category polymers as plastics got reinvented and were constructed using a chain of molecules. There are two different types of polymers , synthetic and natural polymers. Natural polymers are good for the environment, they break down easily and are made naturally. Synthetic polymers are man-made, they do not break down naturally, and are made of chemicals. Plastics are

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  8. The Future of Sustainable Packaging

    Sustainable packaging systems have been a topic on everybody’s mind. What is the future of sustainable packaging products? How can we help our environment through sustainable packaging? And what exactly is sustainable packaging? Sustainable packaging is the use of packaging products to reduce our environmental impact and ecological footprint. In this essay, the topic of sustainable packaging’s future will be discussed, as well as pinpointing how it will help our environment maintain stability.

    The future of sustainable packaging has been left in our hands. For decades, companies have made the mistake of using materials that kill our environment to package their products. Such unsustainable products include, paper coffee cups, plastic water bottles, plastic bags, disposable single-use razors, toothbrushes, menstrual products, and disposable cutlery. These products contain dangerous chemicals, such as BPA (bisphenol A), phthalates and PVC (polyvinyl chloride). These products als

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  9. Creating a Sustainable Future: A Falcon's Perspective | Eco Friendly Packaging

    Every flit of a feather alters the world in some way. As I soar from high above, I see signals from the planet alerting her inhabitants that they are entering into a global crisis point requiring massive change in the way goods are produced and consumed. All life forms experience the effects of the mindless uses of resources and materials humans continue to generate at a massive level.

    The amount of trash humans and companies produce is overwhelming. Many continue to subscribe to beliefs that individuals have little control of the impacts of trash production and harmful uses of chemicals and goods. Most are unaware of the destructive methods industries use to create everyday products. The methods are devastating to my animal kingdom, as we are forced to move, to find new sources of food, and put us in danger as we navigate our own survival.

    Non-eco-friendly packaging and processes can cause a number of issues for our environment. Environmental resources become depleted

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  10. How Companies Can Reduce Their Carbon Footprint | Environmentally Friendly Packaging

    Remember the days of smokestacks spewing out emissions into the air, smog covering our large cities, and untreated wastewater flowing into our waterways? We’ve come a long way since those days, especially with federal and state regulations in place.

    But can companies do more to reduce waste in our landfills and reduce their ecological footprint? Yes, many are switching to environmentally friendly packaging, but there’s more to using cardboard boxes and setting out recycle containers.

    Going green makes sense, not just for the environment, but as a marketing tool as well. Companies can lead the march to environmentally friendly by setting an example themselves. Going green will also save money for the company.

    So how does a company adopt environmentally friendly packaging? First, by using eco-friendly packaging materials. Manufacturers design green packaging to be less bulky, and make it using recycled, biodegradable, or compostable materials. They also use

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