217-006 5” W X 8” H X 2.75” G Stand-Up Pouch | Cannabis Weight: Half Ounce


eco-tek recyclable cannabis / marijuana pouches can be recycled through existing polyethylene (PE) film recycle streams, such as grocery store drop-off programs in the United States and Canada. They feature the industry’s strongest odor barriers, child resistant zipper closures and are available in multiple sizes and in both white and clear. eco-tek cannabis pouches are incredibly durable, puncture/tear proof and provide the maximum protection against outside elements such as humidity, moisture, sunlight, and heat – ensuring your cannabis product is free from contaminants and stays fresher – longer.

  • Fully recyclable and eco-friendly
  • Cannabis weight: Quarter Ounce
  • Recreational and medical
  • Cannabis flower
  • CBD products
  • THC infused edibles
  • Proudly made in the USA!

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