Cannabis Marijuana Weighing Filling Packaging System

Stop leaving money on the production room floor! Dura-Pack continues to lead the cannabis and marijuana packaging industry in design and innovation. The Dura-Pack low profile cannabis packaging system enables organizations to scale their cannabis packaging operations and package cannabis 3-4 times faster than hand packing. With the integrated high-performance multi-head combination scale, fragile flower handing design and an industry-leading scale accuracy of 0.01g, the Dura-Pack low profile cannabis packaging system leaves a small footprint and ensures that your cannabis products will be packaged efficiently, accurately and will dramatically increase your cannabis packaging production.

  • 14 Individual weigh heads offer optimum speeds and weighing accuracy at low target weights.

  • Scale Resolution: 0.02g

  • Set target weights with 0.01g accuracy (E.g. 1.00g, 3.50g, 7.00g & 28.35g)

  • Store up to 300 programs for easy product transitions

  • Weigher speed capable of 160 weighments per minute

  • Capable of withstanding up to 150kg Weigh Flower up to 50mm in length

  • Stainless steel product surfaces with tool-less bucket, feed pan and chute removal for easy cleaning

  • 10.4 inch color touch screen with built-in printer

  • AC 230V (+10%~-15%), 60 Hz, Single Phase 1.0kVA